Marc De Cock’s
“Golden Collection”

It’s a known fact that one of Belgium’s highly successful leading business men is ace fancier Marc De Cock

29, Bradstraat



No-one has better because with no expense spared Marc obtains the best from the best, only he can offer such champion breeding, study the pedigree because these will gain the interest of all serious minded fanciers. Marc De Cock has a reputation to live up to his birds are winning in many parts of the world UK included.


  Sunday 26th October 2008
View 11.30am, Ko 1.00pm


At Tipton Sports Academy
Wednesbury Oak Rd
West Midlands

Directions : Off the M6 motorway at Junction 9, head for Wednesbury A461, then A4037 Tipton. Turn left at the traffic lights opposite Gospel Oak Tavern. A spacious venue with secure car parking. Hot and cold food available


Pigeons from Marc De Cock are winning big time all round the world in the UK they are winning at National and classic level, Marc only has the best breeds the best and now offers the best!!

Mark Evans


Arnie Tonks, Wednesbury, West Midlands. “I was first introduced to the Marc De Cock pigeons at the Rhonfried auction in 2003, I was advised to purchase Mark de cocks entry what a pigeon he has turned out to be winning around £5000 in National and Classics and now since at stock he is breeding top winners on a regular basis. Undoubtedly the best cock I have owned in over 50 years in the sport. Other purchasers from Marc have all been very successful and his birds make up the main stay of my loft today. Birds such has Dancing Queen winner of 2nd open MCC Fourgeres, 4th Open MCC Messac, 7th open MCC Saintes, (only 20 on day) 14th Open MCC Fourgeres, 30th Open MCC Portland, 41st MCC Messac, 2 years runner up for the Golden Wing Trophy. Another is Good Luck Lady, she won 1st Club Wolves fed, 105miles 7000b, in MCC winner of 3rd Open Picuaville, 33rd Open Messac, 42nd Open Fourgeres, 44th Open Messac, 77th Open Saintes. There are many others with top MCC and MNFC performances in my loft, Thank you Marc for supplying top pigeons” A K Tonks, Wednesbury.

Arnie Tonks

1, Ch Hen Belg 06.2259955 Desbuquois, a super hen to start the sale the product of a fantastic winning line that’s been winning at national level for many years in Belgium the sought after Emiel Matterne blood, lot one is a direct dtr of Desbuquois champion Roger Barcelona who won 1st Belgium Nat Barcelona 11,895b, 2nd International Barcelona 23,275b, in 2006. The blood of Roger Barcelona is full of top national winning genes. Dam 03/002 Only a top hen to mate with Roger Barcelona 03/002 won 132nd Nat Perpignan, 148th Nat Perpignan, 257th Int Perpignan 147th Perpignan 409th Int etc dtr Super breeder 94/371 son Lucas and De 297 and 02/911 dtr Golden Lady. Lot one blood will always tell is a true fact in distance racing, lot one has prepotant winning genes for National winning stock!
2, Red Cock Belg 03.4196553 De Marseille off champion breeding, De Marseille is winner of 43 prizes in a successful career of racing for Marc De Cock from Barcelona, Perpignan, Vierzon, Marseille, Bourges, Brive etc His father is full brother of Arnie Tonks champion breeder Mark 1, who bred numerous club, fed and National/classic. Sire 02/392 ace breeder of winners and brother of Arnie Tonks super breeder cock No1 stock cock of the loft of the Wednesbury ace fancier, another brother won 99th Nat Barcelona etc, line of Cattrysse x Stichelbrecht x Hofkins Gson of De Banne as 1st Ace bird all Belgium, De Ridder and 94/642 best breeder of the loft of De Cock bred numerous champions she is dtr Red Barcelona with 86/627 dtr of De Lourdes of Roger Florizoone wit 84/049 Van Hee dtr of Motta. Dam 98/049 Fantastic producer she bred the winner of 1st Olympiad Cape Town S.A 2001, being from 88/186 Dreamer King son of HarmVredvelds golden couple 80/653 x 82/887 and 87/655 line Pude Geelooger Jansenne. Lot 2 a super cock in every way breeds top winners in Belgium study his breeding.
3, Red Cock Belg 06.4140296 Marc De Cock set to found a loft with National and classic racing in mind this will suit all tastes he is direct son of the fantastic hen “Miss Beziers” who won 1st Belg Nat 1st International Beziers, 1st 66682b, 1st 6180b, 1st 479b, 1st 320b 234th Nat St Vincent 10,624b now a top breeder of winners blood of the original Imbrechts. Sire 02/643 Limbourg ace breeder of winners son De Floere 1st Nat Perpignan 7198b, son No1 breeder “Swing Willy” one of the best ever Eric Limbourg breeders. Lot 3 steeped in National winning champions.
4, Ch Hen Belg 06.4081895 Dtr A X L This is a very very rare offer never before seen direct dtr of Chris Hebbrecht’s super champion cock AXL, 03/895 Belgium’s best long distance racing pigeon of 2005, AXL won a string of long distance races in 2005 alone won 24th Belg Nat Barcelona 13,066b 49th Int 25,815b, 51st Belg Nat Perpignan 7611b 191st Int 17,653b, 51st Nat Perpignan 61st Int steeped in winning bloodlines DE AXL son of 96/789 son De pau 42nd, 55th, 262nd Nat Pau. Dam 02/232 ace breeder sister De Champion 1st prov ace bird 2nd ace bird all Belgium distance 05. Lot 4 from the very best of one of the best distance lofts of all Belgium Chris Hebberecht.
5, Blue Hen Belg 05.4391964 dtr “Pokeman” an incredible offer of a direct dtr Chris Hebberechts champion racer and breeder Pokeman, winner 1st brive 1st club, 1st Prov 3433b, 12th Belg Nat 22,026b, 3rd 6793b 5th Doudon, more than 30 top prizes at Prov and Nat races steeped in National inning blood De Pokeman son Bjorn 5th and 81st on De Fijner 2 x 1st Chatteorux. Dam 02/473 T’Schoon Blauwke sister of Diana 1st Prov Bourges. Lot 5 with fabulous breeding to provide winners at the very highest level.
6, Red Cock Belg 05.2074915 A Perfect cock directly from the master of Zoutleven Michael Van Lint, Michael mated two of his very best National winner top producer this beautiful cock in lot 6 a stunner that will grace any loft. Sire 03/085 Adonis, De Bruijn winner of 1st Belgium Nat La Souteraine in 2004 other wins inc 6th Argenton 1445b, 6th Argenton 1310b, 9th Montlucon 1239b, 11th Tours 933b, 13th Belg Nat Vichy 11,448b 13th Bourges 824, 03/085 Van Lints Nat winners is from De Bruijns top pair 01/452 best cock of the Olympiad best cock WHZB and 97/565 1st 620b 2nd 741b, mother of many top winners. Dam “Amanda” big winner for Van Lint inc 2nd Belg Nat Vichy 7000b and many other top performances. Lot 6 a fabulous specimen to produce top inners at all levels.
7, Dark Hen Belg 06.4140078 Dtr Red National. Super hen with top pries on the loft of Marc De Cock inc 6th 508b, 28th 2647b, 55th 10,616b, etc to become a top breeder she is direct dtr of champion Red National 02/569 winner 1st Limoges 1477b 1st Brive 1424b 2nd Nat Limoges 7514b 3rd Brive Nat 7446b, 4th 2909b, 6th Nat Limoges 13,502b winning blood all through. Dam 03/510 ace breeder direct dtr of De Zwarte Perpignan 01/902 winner 1st Belg Nat Perpignan 7537b 5th Int 16,800b 27th Cahors 4769b and 24th Int Perpignan 4205b top De Ridder Cattrysse and 00/672 dtr Florizoon with dtr Blauwe As 1st ace bird Belgium
8, Ch Hen 07/4116024 dtr Miss Perpignan this superb hen won 15 prizes for Marc De Cock with 5th 875b, 19th 2403b, 15th 2546b etc she is from two top racer breeders dtr of 1st National inner. Sire 00/241 one of Marc De Cocks best racer breeders he was twice winner of 1st Prov wins inc 1st Prov Chatteroux 3407b, 1st Prov Chateroux 3799b, (different race) 1st 191b, 1st 419b, 8th 2444b, etc son of the super breeder “233” who won 27 prizes and is father 3 different 1st prov winners for De Cock. Dam Miss Perpignan 03/429 won 5 x 1st inc 1st Belg Nat Perpignan 4086b also 1st 715b, 1st 155b, 1st 81b, etc dtr 93/025 Barcelona Beull 2nd 2099b, 12rth Belg Nat Barcelona 12,678b, 17th Brive 2364b, 157th Nat 16,560b etc. lot 8 bred directly from the very best champions set to become a star breeder.
9, Ch Cock Belg 06.4140199 Marc De Cock fantastic quality cock with the best possible breeding. Sire “Super 16” big winner for Marc De Cock inc 1st Gold Ring Yb long distance he was 2nd ace bird mid dist KBDB 7th Nat ace bird mid dist etc many top results he is son of the Super breeder 233, 27th prizes bred 3 x 1st prov winners and 01/749 ace breeder. Dam 05/772 Hebbrecht’s dtr Gentleman 98/833 1st Dax 1st Bordaux, 3rd Nat Dax 6138b 6th Int Dax 17,430b, 75th Nat Vierzon 14,596b 154th Nat Limoges 24,084b. Lot 9 bred to breed national and classic winners a goldmine breeder for sure.

Two Quality hens next for the sprint men, two bred from the champions.

10, Ch Hen Belg 07.4116031 Dtr My Love, a quality hen bred from champions. Sire 99/713 11 x 1st Provincial ace bird short distance races and top breeder he is full brother of the super breeder “233” who bred 3 x 1st Prov winners son of 96/441 ace breeder line of Rambo of Flor Vervoort. Dam 04/004 \my \love, super hen won 1st Bourges 413b, 3rd Vierzon 394b, 12th 3938b, 17th 3218b, 19th 3027b, 107th Nat 16,297b, etc dtr Double Prov winner 00/241 son super breeder 299 and 0/964 ½ sister of world champ!! 1st Nat Ace bird WHZB 1st Versale Laga world champion gdtr Rambo Flor Vervoort
11, Dark He Belg 07.4116055 dtr champion Black Magic fabulous cock won 8 x 1st prizes all from Quivrain 1st 561b, 1st 4875b, 1st 398b, 1st 839b, 1st 720b, 1st 212b, 1st 211b, 1st 141b, and other prizes being son of 95/690 son of Jos Van De Vekens ace cock Super Man who won many 1st prizes. Dam 05/349 dtr Milan big winner cock 1st 356b, 1st Prov 2474b 1st Argenton 777b, 1st Argenton 1398b, 3rd Argenton 4898b and 4th Argenton 6608b Milan comes from a direct Eddy Leutenez pair.
12, Blue Hen Belg 06.6346162 “Romo” Luc Geerinx direct superb hen from these Sootjens based fanciers, they have the respect of the Belgian fancy with their incredible performances and again this year 2nd ace loft short and middle distance Flanders Province, lot 12 is full sister of top winners inc “De Poulidor” and “Geshifte 41” ace racer and breeders. Sire Witpen Orleans 97/666 won 2 x 1st now top stock cock son Jonge Orleans the No1 cock of Flor Van Lock of Berlaar and nO1 hen Blauwe Gremmel dtr 86/266 Lou Wouters and 84/545 Jos Sootjens direct dtr Late Tom. Dam 97/700 ace breeder nest sister Blauwe Beer dtr Vale 0009 and 95/018 top Sootjens pair.
13, Blue Hen Belg 06.6346199 Lucy, another Sootjens hen of the highest quality sister of many winners inc Miss Limoges 2nd Nat 17,498b Super Willy 1st 2576b, 2nd 1800b Wit Willyke 9th 4249b, 9th 2505b etc. sire 02/241 super breeder Witkop Sylvester bred many winners up to National level one of the Luc, Bart and Jurgens top cocks, bred from 94/938 dtr 88/887 dtr Late Tom. Dam 03/061 nest sister Gladiator, Gladiator won 2nd Olympiad Porto Sprint award 3rd Nat Ace Bird Mid Dist 2004 KBDB with 3 x 1st 4 x 2nd 2 x 3rd, dtr Vale Bill 1st ace bird Noyon Gson Witte Tom Sootjen
14, Red Pied Cock Belg 06.6346200 Luc a sensational quality cock again direct from the famous Geerinckx families top breeder pair Witkop Sylvester and Vaal Gladiator as previous with original direct Jos Sootjens on the pedigree, the famous Sootjens winning everywhere.
15. Blue Cock Belg 06.4110464 Marc De Cock son 1st National winner top cock won 19 prizes from Noyon, Quivraine, Doudon, Vierzon inc 3rd 216b, 22nd 951b etc. sire 00/241 double Provincial winner 1st 3407b, 1st 3799b, 1st 91b, 1st 419b, son of the super breeder 233 with 98/251 ½ sister of S.A Olympiad winner. Dam Miss Perpignan 5 x 1st 1st Belg Nat Perpignan dtr Barcelona’s Beul 2nd 2099b, 12th Nat Barca 12,678b 17th 2364b, 23rd Int 16,560b etc. lot 15 another fine son of a double provincial winner with a 1st Nat winner what’s better!!
16, Blue Wf Hen Belg 07.4116283 A top class hen who will appeal to all serious national flyers. Sire 03/630 Eric Limbourg super stock cock bred 1st ace bird long distance son of 99/218 winner 1st Nat Cahors in 2003 49171b, also won 1st Limoges 442b, 2nd Brive 380b, and 95/481 sister of double Cahors Prov winner also 3rd Nat Cahors and 20th Nat Limoges 21000b. Dam 05091 Direct dtr of Eric Limbourg champion “Lucky 77” who was the 1st ace bird all Belgium 05, won 2nd 5th 21st, 31st Nationals 100% De Rauw Sablon breeding, Lucky 77 with Amelia 1st ace bird mid dist 1st 463b, 3rd 1252b, 6th 683b, 9th 801b etc De Rauw Sablon
17, Red Cock Belg 07.411325 Son 1st Nat Beziers inbred National winning bloodlines. Sire 03/320 ace breeder of winners inc 81st Nat 7525b direct son of the “Red Barcelona” purchased by Brain Long for big sum, red Barcelona won 1st Nat Barcelona 13.089b, 4th Int 26,944b, and 00/172. Dam Miss Beziers 03/820 National winning hen 1st 163b, 1st 320b, 1st 479b, 1st 1675b, 1st National Beziers 6180b, 1st Int Beziers 6662b, 234th Nat St Vincent 10,624b etc.
18, Red Cock Belg 07.4116326 Nest brother previous lot.
19, Ch Wf Cock Belg 06.4110404 Marc De Cock, a fantastic cock bred from the best raced by Marc won 1st prize Noyon 653b also 17 other prizes he is brother of winners and top breeders. Sire The super breeder “233” bred many winners inc 4 x 1st provs winners inc 1st 4798b, 1st 3407b, 1st 3799b, 1st 2536b etc son 96/441 gson Vorvoorts Rambo and 95/276 direct Jansenne. Dam 03/068 original De Rauw Sablon direct dtr of De Limoges 10,675 17th Nat Marseille 123rd Nat Bourges son top couple Albert x Paoca.
20. Red Cock Belg 05.4126184 Gson Red Barcelona top class cock who won many prizes inc 208th St Vincent Belg Nat and 409th St Vincent Belg Nat 7525b Gson Red Barcelona. Sire 04/313 ace son of the Red Barcelona 1st Belg Nat Barcelona purchased by Brian Long and 98/069 Beauty Dreamer dtr Dream couple of Harm Vredveld. Dam 02/755 top breeder sister of 02/677 59th 108b, 441st Nat 22000b gdtr Eric Limbourg Black Opium 2nd Nat and 3rd Nat with dtr Crack Perpignan.
21, Red Hen Belg 05.4126262 Gdtr Red Barcelona this beautiful hen has great class breeding for class race success. Sire 03/596 ace breeder direct son of the Red Barcelona 1st Belg Nat Barcelona and 99/014 full sister of Milo who was 1st Nat Ace bird all Belgium in 97 mid dist. Dam 04/858 Super direct Vandenabeele ½ sister to Gaby’s champions James Bond 1st Nat Bourges 13,166b being dtr of Dreamer 99/961 who bred James Bond and Tina 03/900 dtr Vooruit.
22, Ch Pd Hen Belg 05.4126251 Marc De Cock gdtr of “The Super Breeder 233” lot 22 god race hen 2nd 187b, 7th 918b, 25th 483b, 41st 1138b, 76th 2008b, 85th 2085b. Sire 00/241 double prov winner for Marc De Cock son of The Super Breeeder 233 bred many 1st winners and 4 x 1st provs. Dam 02/678 dtr of The Red Barcelona 1st Nat Barcelona with 94/642 No1 breeder hen inbred to Motta.
23, Blue Cock Belg 08.4255031 Son of My Love has the best of Marc De Cock breeders. Sire 06/056 top race cock and brother to many winners being son of Super breeder “233” bred 4 x 1st provs and 05/089 dtr Eric Limbourg “Lucky 85” 1st Nat Ace Bird all Belgium. Dam 04/004 My Love Super Marc De Cock race hen 1st Bourges 413b, 2nd Vierzon 394b, 12th 3938b, 17th 3218b, 19th 5027b Gdtr of the Super Breeder 233 being direct from double prov winner 00/241.
23, Ch hen Belg 08.4255046 Marc De Cock fantastic direct dtr of the Super Breeder “233” he won 27 prizes and has given a long line of winners all his children win and breeds winners. Sire 99/233 Super Breeder “233” bred 4 x 1st prov winners. Dam 03/068 Original De Rauw Sablon direct dtr of De Limoges 22nd Nat Limoges 10,675b, 17th Nat Marseille and dtr Marseille 1st Nat Ace bird De Rauw Sablon.
24, Blue Cock Belg 08.4255070 De Rauw Sablon both parents direct De Rauw Sablon top Belgian fanciers whose birds are winning everywhere. Sire 03/801 Sister of many winners and top breeders dtr Den Dromer and Goudklompje, Den Dromer was the most expensive bird in their ECS purchased by Koopmans. Dam 99/722 full sister of Den Dromer fantastic race and breeder cock bred many top winners. Lot 24 fabulous winning De Rauw Sablon.
25, Blue Cock Belg 08.4337848 De Rauw Sablon super quality cock top De Rauw Sablon breeding. Sire 03/170 Direct De Rauw Sablon from son Limoges with Cato dtr Paola top breeder. Dam 04/125 2nd Prov Vierzon winner dtr 95/879 and 02/699 Gdtr Albert x Paola base couple.
26, Blue Wf Hen Belg 08.4347750 De Rauw Sablon of the very best of the lines inbred De Dromer. Sire 02/620 full brother of Den Dromer purchased by Koopman Dromer was a fantastic producer of top winners. Dam 07/179 De Rauw Sablon dtr 02/620 full brother Den Dromer and 03/068 dtr De Limoges
27, Blue Cock Belg 08.4347732 De Rauw Sablon Gson of the foundation cock Freddy. Sire 04/086 Full brother of Den Dromer the fantastic producer cock highest priced bird at the EC Sale of De Rauw Sablon 04/086 won 1st Vierzozn son top breeder Freddy and Leive ace dtr Limoges. Dam 02/699 direct De Rauw Sablon inbred both sides to the base couple Albert x Paola.
28, Blue Cock Belg 08.4347731 De Rauw Sablon nest brother previous lot not many like this are ever offered for sale, the De Rauw Sablon made mega money
29, Blue hen Belg 08.4353226 Sire 98/070 Muelemans x VD Beele this fantastic cock was 1st Prov ace bird KBDB won 1st 318b, 1st 214b, 2nd 1595b, 4th 3297b now top breeder of Provincial winners son Diamant Meaulemans and Golden Gaby super stock hen direct V D Beele gdtr De Bitjer. Dam 07/190 De Rauw Sablon bred from a brother sister mating both same way bred as De Dromer
30, Blue Cock Belg 08.4353225 nest mate above lot.
31, Blue Cock Belg08.4255097 contains the very best of Marc De Cock champions read the breeding. Sire 05/345 brother to many winners being direct son of the super breeder “233” bred generations of 1st prize winners and 00/028 Jos Thone this hen is the mother of Jos Thones champion national hero 5 x 1st prizes direct from Mooie Reus. Dam 05/057 stock hen dtr champion Milan 1st 2474b, 1st 1398b, 1st 336 Eddy Luetenez.
32, Blue Hen Belg 08.4255098 Full nest sister previous lot
33, Blue Cock Belg 08.4255133 full brother to the previous lot
34, Ch Hen Belg 07.4116135 Marc De Cock, full sister of many winners and top breeders direct dtr of 99/233 De Super Breeder bred generations of winners won 27 prizes himself one of the best cock of the loft. Dam 05/057 dtr Champion Milan 5 x 1st 1st 356b, 1st 2424b, 1st 1398b, 3rd 4898b, 4th Nat Argenton 2nd 6608b, 3rd Belg Nat Argenton. 17,129b
35, Blue Cock Belg 07.4116016 Gson Champion REZA, Marija, Vink 84,000 euro, Sire 05/357 put to stock top breeder of winners son of 99/233 super breeder “233” with Jos Thone hen mother of national Hero. Dam 05/832 Dtr Reza super pigeon of Marijke Vink sold for 84000euros won 1st Chantilly 10,589b, 1st Peronne 29,332b, 1st Chantilly 21,892b mother of Reza was 98/142 gdtr Kannibaal Reza paired with dtr De 10 VD Heuval 1st 10,544b 1st 3166b, 1st 2754b etc
36, Ch hen Belg 07.4116143 inbred “Reza” mother to lot 36 is 06/896 inbred champion Reza 1st 29,332b, 1st 21,892b, 1st 10,589b bred from 03/432 full brother Reza with 05/832 dtr Reza with 04/556 dtr Hueves De 210. Sire 06/185 Dikke Willy original Geerinx son Dikke 3rd ace bird and super Willy 2nd ace bird 1st 1400b, 1st 2576b etc
37, Ch Hen Belg 07.4116069 Inbred Reza an excellent Yb racer lot 37 won 32 prizes inc 3rd 328b. Sire 06/895 Inbred Reza bred from full brother Reza and dtr Reza. Dam 05/503 dtr Super Breeder 233 and National winning hen Samira 04/487 1st Nat Etampes 464b 1st 7843b etc. super winning bloodlines in these top hens.
38, Ch Hen Belg 07.4116093 Inbred Reza super young hen winner of 17 prizes inc 6th Bourges, 8th Noyon, 140th Nat Bourges 357th National Bourges 13,354b full sister to the previous lots being bred from dtr Super Breeder 233
39, Ch Hen Belg 07.411253 Marc De Cock fabulous winning bloodlines. Sire 02/643 Eric Limbourg ace breeder cock of winners inc 1st Prov Vierzon winner son of Floere 1st Nat Perpignan 7198b ace son Swing Willy. Dam 01/964 Gdtr Rambo ½ sister to the 1st World champion Versele Laga winner bred from 98/220 son Vervoorts Rambo and 93/000 Glazenbergs ace breeder.
40, Blue Hen Belg 07.4116073 Gdtr Den Dromer most expensive bird in the De Rauw Sablon sale lot 40 sister to excellent race hen 07/022. Sire 05/345 ace son of the super breeder 233 with Jos Thone hen 00/628 mother of national Hero. Dam 02/630 De Rauw Sablon dtr of Den Dromer purchased by Koopmans at ECS.
41, Ch Cock Belg 07.4116123 Super bloodlines Sire 06/068 De Favouriet many top prizes up to Bourges National son 00/241 double prov winner with Miss Perpignan 1st Nat Perpignan 4086b. Dam 06/678 dtr Red National 2nd Nat 7514b 6th Limoges 13,502b, 1st 1477b, 2nd 7514b, 3rd 7446b, 4th 2909b, etc with dtr Perpignan 1st Nat 7537b
42, Mealy cock Belg 08.4255142 Gson of the Vale Cahors, purchased by Brian Long. Sire 03/630 Ace breeder cock father of 1st ace bird long distance, son of The Vale Cahors 1st Nat Cahors 4971b, 1st 724b 1st Limoges 442b. Dam 96/199 ½ sister of Super Willy of Luc Geerinx 1st Chatteroux 2576b 2nd Montlucon 1800b
43, Ch Hen Belg 05.4391990 Chris Hebberecht, super distance bloodlines from the best champions. Sire 02/591 ace breeder son “Jef and Francine” ace breeding couple. Dam 02/532 sister of champions many wins inc 7th Cahors Nat 9275b dtr Schone Zwarten and Krommer.
44, Ch Hen Belg 05.4391945 Chris Hebberecht top quality distance hen dtr Vedette. Sire 94/316 Vaeddette was top racer and top breeder in Chris Hebberercht stock loft. Dam 02/580 dtr of the lofts top breeding pair 93/123 Schone Zwarten and 99.213 Vooruitje 7th Nat 9061b,

The National Winning Family of
Desbuquois, Michel & Didier
Selected lots from the very best of the distance champions.

45, Belg 06.2259936 Roger Barcelona super offer of a direct from champion Roger Barcelona winner 1st Belg Nat 11802b, 2nd Int Barcelona 22,287b also 146th Nat 12998b and 65th Nat Perpignan 7611b. Dam 03/230 Ace breeder hen she is mother of Marleen 5th Nat St Vincent 3320b 11th Nat St Vincent 10,020b, 383rd Nat Perpignan, 03/230 s ½ sister of Aruna winner in nationals 57th 79th 58th 327th 58th etc.
46, Ch Hen 06.2051191 Desbuquios direct, Sire 04/725 De Vos son of 02/040 son of Tiger 58th Nat St Vincent and 03/605 dtr 1st Nat Cahors. Dam 02/670 ace hen sister Indre from top pair Zwarte Lucas and Sion Duivin dtr Orhan Marlene.
47, Cock Belg 06.2051196 Desbuquios direct Sire 01/095 stock son 00/051 3rd Nat Beziers and 97/557 dtr Black Opium 8 x 1st, 2 x 1st Nat and 2nd and 3rd National to Eric Limbourg breeder. Dam 03/262 Top breeder dtr 97/211 Zwarte Matteren and 01/279 dtr Den Thalys 37, 58th Barcelona 99, and 37th Nat 110th Int Barca 2001.
48, Hen Belg 06.2051214 Desbuquios direct, winner 27 prizes St Vincent, Vierzon, Bourges etc. sire 98/192 top stock cock son Nikolas top Barcelona race cock 138th 273rd, 728th Nationals also 18th Nat Brive. Dam 05/115 dtr 02/040 son Tiger 58th Nat St Vincent.
49, Cock Belg 06.20511219 Desbuquios Direct winner 27 prizes. Sire 04/772 ½ brother of Lucas II 2nd ace bird long dist son 94/371 ace breeder of national stock. Dam 02/911 ace breeder direct Eric Limbourg bred 2nd ace bird KBDB long dist from nest brother Decriox and Golden Lady ace dtr Jos Thones Kliene Molenaat and Godiva.
50, Hen Belg 06.2051225 Desbuquios direct. Sire 04/729 father of Bourges regional winner 2008, brother of Lisa 28th, 89th, 303rd 373rd Nationals. Dam 05/310 sister Pedro 6th Nat Perpignan 3796b 28th Nat 6765b 3rd 1956b, 4th 1152b etc
51 Hen 06 2051266 Desbuquios Direct. Sire 04/659 brother Arend and De 218 top National racers of Eric Limbourg bred from nest brother Decroix 24th and 30th Nat and 02/491 dtr 1st Nat Perpignan. Dam 05/247 stock from 04/718 Gson Red Barcelona 1st Nat Barcelona. Lot 51 winner of 133rd Belg Nat St Vincent 6521b 147th International St Vincent 7515b

The Fantastic winning partnership of Etienne & Frank Devos, Deerlijk
Winners of world champion long distance 97, 1st National Ace bird KBDB Long Dist 97, 1st Euro Pigeon long dist 2007. 1st National Marathon 2004, 1st Extreme Long Dist Entente Belg 2004
4 x National champion of the Belg Union KBDB
2nd National General Champion all Belgium 2008

52, Hen Belg 07.3008752 Ettienne and Frank Devos direct from the national winner De Stanic’s 1st Nat Limoges. Sire De Stanic’s 96/707 super Devos champion won 1st Nat Limoges 10.737b 1st Reg 1st prov Limoges 19th Prov Angouleme 3060b. Dam 00/100 ½ sister of national winner “Stanic” lot 52 winner 17 Prizes up to Nat Level
53, Cock Belg 07.3008783 Ettienne and Frank Devos. Sire As Didi 00/023 1st ace bird in club 7th ace bird Entente Belg, 67th Nat Dax 4772b, 110th Nat Oragnge 2251b, 121st Nat Beziers 5934b, As Didi son of Schone Didi 95/260 top breeder brother to world famous Kliene Didi 1st World champion bird 97. Dam 02/274 Gdtr 1st Nat Marseille winner dtr Zwarte Jan 00/141 and 92/607 sister Kliene Didi.
54, Hen Belg 07.3008728 Ettienne and Frank Devos gdtr of the Patrick “Silver Ring Winner” Sire Zoon Patrick 05/024 ace son of Patrick Silver wing Barcelona winner 1st Barcelona Masters, 16th Int Barcelona with a sister of famous Didi. Dam 04/651 Florizoone dtr of 3rd international 96, and 97/094 the mother of Patrick.
55, Hen Belg 07.3008727 Ettienne and Frank Devos Direct from the ace cock De Goede Jaarling 01/672 brother Zidane 1st International Carcasonne 2nd Nat Ablis, 1st Prov Adduif Rone Valley. Dam 97/472 Sister of the national winner Stanies 1st Nat Limoges.
56, Hen Belg 07.3008708 Ettienne and Frank Devos gdtr of houbens Artiest. Sire De Witttik 02/061 20th Nat Limoges 12,020b, 9th Prov Angouleme 2975b 2nd Prov ace bird 04, son of De Artiest 00/125 Houben son Jonge Artiest 7 x 1st with sister Super Prins. Dam 01/636 Limoges of Cartues dtr Super Mario 98/966 with dtr Limoges 97/826
57, Hen Belg 07.3008707 Ettienne and Frank Devos. Sire Mario direct George Crtues, ½ brother to the super champion Super Mario this fantastic cock won many awards and championships from Perpignan in the Belg Nationals around 15000 birds Super Mario won 2nd 29th 30th 102nd Belg Nationals. Dam Patricia 00/670 top stock hen ½ sister to the mother of Patrick 1st Barcelona Masters champion.
58, Hen belg 07.3008710 Ettienne and Frank Devos. Sire De Klaren 02/040 1st Provincial ace bird KBDB 2005. 10th Nat Limoges 1028b 18th Prov Angouleme 2915b 38th Prov Limoges 2811b. Dam 02/169 Sister of De Wittetik from the Artiest of Houben son Jonge Artiest 7 x 1st with sister Super Prins
59, Hen Belg 07.30088721 Ettienne and Frank Devos. Sire Mario super racing cock win top prizes St Vincent, Pau, Perpignan, son of Georges Cartues Super Mario 2nd, 29th, 30th, 102nd Nationals Perpignan with sister to the Didi. Dam 01/971 Gdtr 1st Zwarte Jan 1st National Marseille with sister Kliene Didi.
60, Hen Belg 07.3008725 Ettienne and Frank Devos Gdtr world famous Kliene Didi 92/607 1st Ace bird KBDB 1st World champion 97 etc this gdtr of Kliene Didi a good hen herself with 21 prizes. Sire 02/969 Chip Didi stock cock son famous Kliene Didi. Dam 06/027 Top Florizoone champion breeding.
61, Cock Belg 308729 Ettienne and Frank Devos Sire De Couteall 97/379 2nd and 13th 6th and 130th Barcelona 20, 204b son of 90/164 who is a brother to Floorizoones Witnves 1st Inter Pares Barcelona. Dam 99/164 De Blauwe Didi sister Kliene Didi 1st ace bird KBDB etc
62, Cock Belg 07.3008731 Ettienne and Frank Devos. Top cock won 3rd Prov Dudelange, 3rd 2140b, Sire 02/163 De Roste Eddy top race cock 2nd prov Poitiers, 6th prov Perpignan, son eddy 1st Prov ace bird 9th Nat Cognac. Dam 97/120 dtr Lama 85/293 3 x 1st Poitiers 1st prov Argenton brother of Witterugge 15 x 1st.
63, Hen Belg 07.3008734 Ettienne and Frank Devos Gdtr Artiest of Houben. Sire Jonge Artiest 02192 super racer 2nd prov Poitiers 13,642b brother of Wittetik 20th Nat Limoges 12,020b. Dam 97/296 dtr Eddy 1st prov ace bird, 9th Nat Cognac.
64, Cock Belg 07.3008739 Ettienne and Frank Devos won many prizes inc 251st Bourges 7706b, 434th Nat Gueret 12,587b. Sire Jonge Eddy 00/344 top breeder cock of the Devos stock loft brother to Eddy 1st prov ace bird 9th Nat Cognac etc. Dam Gaby Duvin top stock hen
65, Hen Belg 07.3008747 Ettienne and Frank Devos brilliant hen with top prizes she won 1st club 1st prov Dudelauge 2140b also 34th 1762b, 43rd 1869b, 92nd 3469b, 126th 3772b, Sire Tornado 04/540 won 1st Abus, 6th Tours 3020b, 2nd Tours 2890b, 30th Limoges 10945b son Vandenabeeles Bandito 30th Nat Limoges 10945b 15th nAt Limoges 8869b, son Turbo ½ brother Wttenbuils. Dam 96.811 dtr Prins 2 x 1st 1st Chatteroux.
66, Hen Belg 07.3008763 Ettienne and Frank Devos Sire Jonge Rivaldo 02/096 Top race cock son Rivaldo 1st ace bird 6 times Barcelona six times Perpignan 2nd ace bird Minstral cup 3rd Inter Pares Barcelona etc with sister Patrick. Dam 01/627 ace breeder from a sister Kliene Didi
67, Hen Belg 07.30088741 Ettienne and Frank Devos Sire Beni I 04/917 Top race cock at the distance son 02/084 son Jonge Klaren Desmet=Matthys. Dam 06/265 Het Feverke dtr De Ovaal 11th 868b 492nd Limoges 16,945b
68, Cock Belg 07.308742 nest brother previous lot
Next four lots from one of the best lofts in Long Distance in Belgium the fantastic Van Ouwerekerk- Dekers, Brasschaat, Belgium.
69, Hen Belg 06.4140316 Van Ouwerekerk-Dekers top breeding from this top loft. Sire 03/392 Top product from 97/550 son of Gerda 1st International Barcelona Jos Thone with 07/780 dtr Red Barcelona, super cock 1st Barca Nat winner. Dam 01/346 Braakhuis dtr of 99/588 1st Barca 24th Nat Bordeaux an 99/496 1st Perpignan original Marcell Braakhuis breeding.
70, Cock Belg 06.4140362 Van Ouwerekerk-Dekers super cock with 16 prizes 395th St Vincent International race 7515 birds. Sire 99/230 1st Bordeaux now top breeder old lines Van Rijn Kloel. Dam 00/371 The super breeder hen 371 Jos Thone dtr 94/360 top breeder Jos Thone son 84/479 12 x 1st the father to Sumo and 99/594 Koopman from sister Kliene Dirk.
71, Cock Belg 06.4140409 Van Ouwerekerk Dekers Sire 04/070 Zepplin 070, stock last Yb from the old Super breeder cock Grote Vet Blauwe Van De Weger and 00/486 Kuypers. Dam 04/675 dtr Jos Thone 95/220 top winner and breeder with Ouwerekerk-Derkers
72, Cock Belg 06.4140498 Van Ouwerekerk-Dekers nest brother to “Evans” won 25 prizes in 79th Irun Nat 8967, 123rd St Vincent Nat 6521b, Sire 01/944 Jos Thone top breeder son of 95/942 top breeder cock and 93/212 Spinneke Diego dtr Oude Diego. Dam 04/026 lines of the super breeder 94/260 of Jos Thone.
73, Blue Hen Belg 06.4249203 Benny Stevenink super hen gdtr Chipo 1st ace pigeon mid dist 2003, and father of 3rd Nat ace bird and 6th Nat ace bird 2005 Chipo won 1st 231b, 1st 335b, 1st 571b, 1st 614b, 2nd 1316b lines of Willy Van Houte. Dam 05/919 sister 00/188 5th Nat Souilles 7th Nat Brive.
74, Blue Cock Belg 07.4216887 Benny Stevenick Gson Chipo. Sire 05/978 super race hen 1st 453b dtr of 84/962 1st 25b, 1st 29b, 1st 198b, 1st 103b, 3rd 270b etc
Micheal Coppens, Moorsel, Belgium one of Belgium’s leading flyers
75, Blue Hen 06.4277333 Micheal Coppens super quietly hen who is full sister of the 2nd ce pigeon of the east Flanders province 2005, won 1s 4639b 1st 185b, 9th 5066b Sire 02/003 ace breeder ½ brother 1st ace bird also 5th Nat Perpignan from 95/122 nest mate good Decroix 24th & 30th Nat and father 1st & 2nd Ace bird and 97/442 dtr Floer Narbonne 1st Nat Narbonne 96. Dam 00/503 ace breeder dtr Den 55 father of 3rd Bourges and 97/549 mother many winners
76, Bl Hen Belg 06.4277321 Micheal Coppens Sire 01/867 son Voorvuit many top wins and father of 1st prov winners. Dam 04/829 2nd prov ace bird 1st Cahtteroux 4639b 1st Tours 368b, 1st Dourdon 185b, 9th Argenton 5066b etc 04/829 full sister previous lot.
Extra special lot kept till the end of this sale
77, Blue Hen Belg 08 4347714 De Rauw Sablon Gchild of the fantastic Den dromer who was most expensive priced bird in the E C Sale of De Rauw Sablon, Sire 03/801 son Den Dromer Goudklompte who is mother 1st Nat La Souteraine. 1st Nat Zone. Dam 05/104 1st ace bird sprint dtr of 02/643 Limbourg breeder of prov winners and Rambo Strain Vervoort.